The music in STAX is killer

aardonyx (left), Arcade Haze (right)

We're lucky to be working with two great composers for the music in STAX.:







Arcade Haze:



It was important to strike a balance between fast-paced, sweaty-palmed controller squeezing music, and tunes with a more relaxed tempo. At it's fastest, STAX is insane, requiring the player to be thinking several bricks ahead and planning their moves very quickly. Often the action is more sedate, especially at the beginning of a wave. That's when you want something with a reliable beat that flows a bit slower.

Each of the four levels in STAX contains multiple tracks by both artists, picked to bring the best out of the equalizer visuals. Give their stuff a listen and see what you think.

STAX contains a hand-picked selection of the music from both artists that works the best, so not every piece is going to appear in the game, though it does boast over 20 unique tracks!

We will profile each of them in a little more depth later this month.

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