Hooked! Demo Release date - 21st May 2021

Hooked! The platforming brawler with a grappling hook, has a release date for it's first demo!

Come and take a look in Itch.io by using the link below!

A gameplay demo is here!

We also have a page dedicated to Hooked on the site, which you can find here!

Hooked is a retro brawler platformer with a grappling hook! Synopsis You play the role of a young man who gives up kickboxing to instead fight crime as a vigilante. This is a vertical slice of the gameplay, and the culmination of three months of work. The demo contains a short tutorial mode and a sandbox mode to explore and enjoy. Please report all feedback or bugs to harry@modacodegames.com Follow ModaCodeGames on Twitter! You can also follow the development live on Twitch! You may have to make an exception for the .exe file with your antivirus software, or temporarily disable protection if the demo does not load properly. Dislclaimer: This is a very early build and everything is subject to change for the final version.

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